Yesterday morning in Jerusalem, a massive 220 pound rock that has been in place for over 2,300 years popped out the Western wall, plunging to the ground and narrowly missing an elderly woman. There was no reported seismic activity at the time.

What makes this very interesting is the Jewish observance of Tisha B’ Av had just concluded!
Tisha B’ Av, the ninth day of the Hebrew month of Av, is regarded as the saddest day of the Jewish year.
On the ninth of Av, 422 BC, the first Temple, built by Solomon was destroyed,

and on the ninth of Av, 70 AD, the second temple built by Ezra the scribe was destroyed and the stones were thrown down!
I don’t think so.
While the ninth of Av has been a sorrowful day of mourning in the Jewish calendar, God has promised to one day make this day a day of great rejoicing (Zec 8:19). How? The Temple’s re-building would be one big step, but ultimately this day will only become a day of rejoicing when God Himself dwells again among His people. May that day come soon!
(thanks Bill Acton for the first part of this post)