When Sara and I got married Jewish style under the huppa (canopy), it symbolically meant that we were going to have an open house welcoming visitors.
I always thought that would mean that we were going to be giving help to lots of people coming to our home – but the last 6 weeks have turned my ideas upside down.

Lots of people have indeed started coming to our home – not to receive from us but to give us help with the demanding task of looking after twins.
It has been humbling to need help – but it has been amazing to see people – even some whom we hardly knew step up to the plate.
The bible talks of the fellowship of giving and receiving – and we have found out that it is actually a blessing to be in a place where we need help. Being in this place forces us to reach out for help – and as people come to our help new friendships are built and existing ones are strengthened.
May we encourage you in this season of giving to not only look out for ways to give to others – but also be prepared to reach out for help for yourself when needed.
And as you do, I believe you too will find friends gathering around you and experience a new level of fellowship in your life.
It seems that before we come to a place of giving to others, we first have to learn to receive help ourselves.