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What can we offer Pastors and Church Leaders?

We are available to hold teaching seminars in conjunction with local churches featuring:

  • Insightful documentaries on a range of topics
  • Eye-opening and Bible based teaching on the Jewish background of our faith

Our Speakers:

Enoch and Sarah Lavender  

Enoch and Sarah Lavender head up Olive Tree Ministries, a ministry helping Christians understand the End Times through its first century Jewish context.

Enoch has a B.A. in intercultural ministry from Harvest Bible College, serves on the board of Teach All Nations (Dr. Kameel Majdali’s ministry).

Springing out of over a decade of study of Hebrew language and culture, Enoch unveils fresh perspectives on Jesus’ 1st and 2nd Coming in light of its original context, while keeping the messages very practical and personal.

296 small Olive Tree MinistriesHis range of teachings include:

  •  The Jubilee and End Times. This message zeroes in on restoration as being central to God’s heart and purposes for Jesus’ 1st and 2nd comings as well as God’s heart of restoration today for individuals.
  • Understanding Israel Today and Bible Prophecy. Having recently travelled to Israel with his family and being a keen student of history, Enoch has on the ground facts to share combined with an understanding of these events in light of prophecy.
  • The Biblical Feasts and Jesus.  Enoch speaks regularly on the 7 Feasts God ordained via Moses and how they prophetically foreshadow Jesus ministry, death, burial, resurrection and His promised return.
  • The Third Temple. A controversial subject that Enoch has taught in a range of settings including at NSW Parliament as a guest of Rev. Fred Nile. Enoch helps believers wade through the wide range of perspectives on the Movement to rebuild the Temple, aiming to help Christians make sense of these developments in light of prophecy and history.

Enoch and Sarah’s also enjoy ministering together:

  •  Finding Love God’s Way. Enoch and Sarah learnt – sometimes the hard way – about waiting on God for the promised life partner. Their miracle testimony is featured in the book “Hope Fulfilled: Finding Love God’s Way”.
  • Inner Healing and Forgiveness. Sarah’s testimony of healing from trauma and unique approach to dealing with pain and trauma has helped many individuals find freedom and release.
  • Worship and Dance Workshops. Sarah teaches believers to intentionally engage their body, soul and spirit in worship of the Almighty God.

Enoch and Sarah live on the southern tip of the Gold Coast, Australia with their 3 young kids.


Want more information?

Please feel free to contact us using the ‘ministry request’ tab above or the contact page.

We provide a wide range of resources covering Israel, the Last Days, Current Events, Jewish Feasts and what God is doing in the Middle East .

Some of our resources are on this web site – and we usually bring a resource table with us when we minister in churches and conduct seminars.


We at Olive Tree Ministries are keen to minister in churches, youth groups and other Christian gatherings of any size.

Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in having us come or have a question about our ministry.