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We are an End Times Prophetic Teaching Ministry.

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We exist to help equip you with a better understanding of the 1st Century Jewish background of our faith.

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Ministry Trip begins!

We are now starting our 1 month ministry tour – in our caravan with 3 small kids. You can see the itinerary at https://olivetreeministries.org.au/ju…
We appreciate your prayers and support as we travel – find out more about supporting us at the above link.

Your Gold Coast Passover Invite

Join us and Kingdom Life Church here on the Gold Coast for a special Passover dinner on Sun 21st of April, 5-8pm. Cost is $30 (adults), $15 (kids). Venue: Tweed South Community Centre. Rsvp now by email to...

Queen Esther, Gog and the End Of Days

Queen Esther, Gog and the End Of Days

Queen Esther, Gog and the End Of Days While sometimes treated as merely an amusing Kid’s Church story, a Jewish perspective on the book of Esther reveals remarkable links to Gog, Magog and the End of Days.  A World Empire and a Wicked Ruler During the days of Queen...