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We are an End Times Prophetic Teaching Ministry.

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We exist to help equip you with a better understanding of the 1st Century Jewish background of our faith.

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Lavender Family Trip Update

Lavender Family Trip Update

We are heading to the Middle East for 3 weeks in November.Here our story in this video. Please Pray: For protection on our travels For God given ministry encounters as we seek to comfort God's people in their time of need Supporting at this TimeIf you feel led to...

Living in Expectation of the Messiah’s Coming

Living in Expectation of the Messiah’s Coming

Judaism teaches that one should always leave in readiness for the Messiah's coming. In fact, the famous sage Rambam listed this expectation as one of the 13 core tenants of the faith. According to Rambam, if you are not expecting the Messiah's return  imminently you...