The Jubilee: Discover The End Time Mystery

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In this ground breaking book, join Enoch Lavender as he uncovers key elements of the End Times from a fresh Messianic Perspective.

This book covers topics like:

  • The Meaning of the Gospel in Jesus Day
  • The Jubilee Trumpet and Jesus Return
  • The Tremendous Hope of the Resurrection
  • The Final Ingathering of God’s People
  • The Kingdom to Come
  • The Restoration of all Things

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  1. AH

    A thorough but warmly accessible book, easy to read and rich with insight. The following understandings that impacted me most deeply.

    One of the early points is that Jesus went around, according to Matthew 4:23, preaching the gospel of the kingdom. Clearly this could not be the message of His death, burial and resurrection, since these acts of salvation hadn’t happened. Nor could this have been the message that the disciples delivered when they were sent out to preach the gospel. Instead it must have been the message of the Messianic Jubilee. (p9)

    “In the Jubilee when God restores all things and brings His people back to their inheritance, then we too will be restored to life, returning from exile into our restored human bodies.” (p34)

    “The Messianic Judgement of our world is another key component of the promised Jubilee Redemption. To ‘redeem’ in Hebrew doesn’t just mean ‘to buy back’ in terms of the Jubilee, but to ‘pay back’.” (p45)

    There are parallels between the battle plan for the taking of Jericho and the Jubilee cycle. (p59)

    The phrase “meet the Lord in the air” is used to describe a delegation leaving a city to meet an honoured guest on his approach. (p68)

    Joel points out that the meal eaten by the seventy elders on Mount Sinai was a covenantal wedding banquet. (p69)

    Cassius Dio recorded that 580,000 men were slain in the Jewish rebellion of the early second century. Those who died from famine, disease or fire was past finding out. (p72)

    During the siege of Jerusalem in 1948, rationing was imposed at the level of a Japanese concentration camp. However unseasonal rain caused the nutritious weed khubeiza to sprout up. Local Jews exclaimed, “God is with us, like in the days of Egypt.” (p77) The siege ended as Jerusalem was down to its last day’s supply of bread and last 12 hours of electricity. (p78)

    The Feast of Tabernacles is reminiscent of the pattern of the Jubilee cycle. (p85)

    Jerusalem is a plural word, indicating there is more than one. (p106)

  2. CS

    Reading The Jubilee: Discover The End Time Mystery has given me a greater understanding of end time events, seeing how they fit into the Jewish Feasts, and the words of the Old Testament Prophets. It gives a much clearer picture of future events than what has been taught in most churches today.
    This book needs to be read by all believers in the God of the Bible because it takes away the mystery of end time events, and replaces them with practical understanding. Thank you Enoch for this enlightening read and may God bless all who read it with a greater understanding of future events.

  3. S

    The Jubilee: Discover The End Time Mystery is a well written treatise which challenges many of our current ideas about end time theology. Using his own research Enoch Lavender presents a clear and concise argument about the role of the Jubilee and the Jewish people in the end times. This is a seriously interesting and thought-provoking argument which raises the possibility that there will indeed be a physical Messianic jubilee for Israel in the end times. Given the situation now playing out in the Middle East this is a timely book worthy of a read.

  4. AG

    Engaging and accessible, this book challenges conventional perspectives, making it a must-read for anyone intrigued by the profound mysteries of the end times. With a balanced blend of scholarship and spiritual insight, “The Jubilee” offers a fresh and thought-provoking perspective on a subject of eternal significance.

  5. TA

    I highly recommend this book. Enoch has bought to light so much insight and revelation through this book. It takes the reader into a deeper understanding of what the Jubilee means, and brings a hope of freedom from what we see as a hopeless world. It is truly an inspiring read of redemption.

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