3 DVD set: The End Times Through Jewish Eyes




Do you believe in Divine Appointments?
The Bible contains 7 feasts – also known as “Appointed Times” – given to Israel at Mt. Sinai.
In this teaching series, join Ps Enoch Lavender as he uncovers and explores:
– How the feasts set the exact timing and sequence of events in Jesus’ death, burial, resurrection and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
– How the remaining three feasts provide a unique prophetic preview of End Time events
– Practical lessons from the feasts about preparing for the Lord’s soon return, how to pray for Israel and how to intercede even for those who persecute us

This 3-part DVD series looks in depth at:
– The Feast of Trumpets
– The Day of Atonement
– The Feast of Tabernacles

This teaching series will challenge you a fresh to be ready for the dramatic days which are ahead – when the King Himself will return to earth. May we all learn the lessons from these feasts and be ready for that great day!


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