Steve Lightle’s Dramatic End Time Vision

Messianic author Steve Lightle shares the dramatic vision that changed his life. Hear the powerful prophetic encounter God gave Steve and how He was sent on exciting missions in the Soviet Union with the KGB tailing his every step.

Escaping the End Time Trap of Offense

Jesus warned us about many being ‘offended’ in the End Times, leading to hatred and betrayal. How do we avoid this trap of offense and how do we get healed from situations and people that have offended us?
According to Bible prophecy there will be more and more offense and hurt in the End Times, how do we deal with the pain and hurt, and keep a soft and loving heart in a dangerous and dark world?

Finding Courage in Persecution – Learning from the early Martyrs of Hanukkah

The events of Hanukkah have been described as the clearest prophetic foreshadowing of the End Times throughout all recorded history. The heroes of Hanukkah faced horrendous persecution, but had a unique motivation that sustained them during those hard times. In this video we will learn about the resurrection and End Times from a Jewish Messianic perspective.

Hannukah Part 4: What is The Abomination of Desolation?

The Abomination of Desolation is one of the most controversial topics in End Time Prophecy. The Jewish story of Hanukkah provides us with an invaluable key to understand this prophetic mystery and to know the times and seasons of End time prophecy. We hope you enjoy this teaching series

Hannukah Part 3: Daniel’s Amazing Prophecies

Hanukkah is the one of the greatest keys to understand End Time Prophecy. Daniel the prophet predicted in great detail the events of Hanukkah – and these events in turn prophetically reveal what is yet to come in the End Times. We hope you enjoy this 8 part series!

Hannukah Part 2: The Great Falling Away

Paul describes a great falling away coming in the End Times, paving the way for the anti-Christ system. The events of Hanukkah foreshadow this great backsliding and the persecution that followed. Join us for this special 8 part series on Hanukkah and End Time Prophecy