Amazing Bible Code Secrets in Hebrew Alphabet – Letter Vav

Discover the connections between the Messiah, the antiChrist and the letter Vav as hidden in the Hebrew alphabet and its usage in the Bible.

We explore:

– The Missing Hebrew letter in the Bible’s generations after the fall

– How this Hebrew letter is a symbolic connection between heaven and earth through one perfect man

– God’s holiness vs our holiness revealed in the letter Vav

– The only ‘broken’ letter in the Hebrew Bible

– The significance and deception of 666

Purim and the Mysterious Link to Jesus’ Temple Tax and Fish

Discover the hidden Messianic meaning of the story of Esther and Purim, its hidden links to the Temple Tax and the symbol of the Fish for the Messiah Himself.
Join us as we examine the Jewish festivals from a Messianic perspective for Christians, and discover new light on the story of Queen Esther.
Source: Toby Janicki, First Fruits of Zion

Video: What is Heaven? The Hebrew Meaning of Heaven Points to the Messiah

Learn the meaning of the hebrew word ‘heaven’ and how it points us to the meaning and purpose of life. Jesus is our true source of life, and the hebrew word ‘shamayim’ points us to the water of life coming from the presence of God itself.

Hebrew Insights for Christians – the hidden hebrew meaning of “man” ‘woman’

In this lesson we look at the Hebrew words for ‘man’ and ‘woman’ and draw some lessons from the rabbis on the basis of these two simple words.

Basic Hebrew Words: “Truth” and “Lies”

In this video we will look at two basic hebrew words – the words for ‘truth’ and the word for ‘lies’ and will see what lessons we can learn from the Hebrew Alphabet

The Hidden Hebrew Meaning of Amen

Amen is a word we use all the time, but do we understand its meanings? Amen is not just a word, but is also a title of Jesus – and relates to things like ‘a nursing mother’, ‘a master craftsman’, ‘a covenant’ and much more. How does this relate to how we see Him and how we use this word?