A storm in the natural and the spiritual…
While many of you have heard of our recent seminar at Crossway with 800+ people, few may know the storm that was brewing in the lead up to the event.

We have never had so many dramas before an event, with health challenges, tech team challenges and a last minute worship team cancellation. Then on the day before the seminar a member of the replacement worship team missed her flight, at the same time our speaker lost his phone and found out that the room he had booked at a hotel in Melbourne was already taken! 

Other dramas were happening at the very same time and on top of it a storm with damaging and destructive winds was forecast to hit Melbourne on the very day of our seminar!
With people flying in from WA, Tas, QLD and NZ, it looked like the whole event could be a flop – but God…!
Several people were woken up the night before the seminar and just couldn’t sleep as they were praying for us!
The spiritual storm subsided and it all worked well at the event – and the natural storm avoided us. Trees fell in other parts of Melbourne (see picture below) with power outages of 10’000 homes – but none of it came near us.
People were greatly blessed by the seminar, including a lady who was healed during the time of worship!
We thank God for those who prayed for us – we never anticipated such resistance to the meeting – but it all worked out well with God’s help!