“The ones sown on good ground, those hear the word, accept it and bear fruit…” Mark 4:20

The word translated ‘accept’ in our text means to take as ones own – so to be the good soil that Jesus spoke about, we have to accept God’s Word as being our very own.

What does this mean? 

I think the best way of explaining it is by observing how the enemy operates. He plants seeds of thoughts in our minds – thoughts of doubt, unbelief, fear, anger, lust and hatred. Often we think these are our own thoughts and feelings – and don’t realise the source from which they actually come. And in this way, we are then disabled from fighting against the enemy attack. After all, how do you fight your own thoughts and feelings? If the anger you feel is actually yours, then how can you fight against yourself?

When we realise that these thoughts and feelings are not our own – but that they come from an outside evil source – then we can resist it. Then we can boldly declare that these thoughts are not my thoughts, these feelings are not my feelings! I am not like that! As we do, then we are no longer fertile soil for the enemy. His seeds, his thoughts are not able to take root in us and bear evil fruit for his kingdom.

Accepting God’s Word as Our Own Thoughts

Instead of letting the enemy through His seeds into our life, let us allow God to sow His seeds into us through His Word. The Greek word translated ‘accept’ in our text can also mean to adopt a child. Just like an adoptive parent embraces a child and makes it his or her own, so let us with our heart embrace what God’s Word says about us.

We  might feel inferior, we might feel powerless, but when we do, let us turn to God’s Word and remind ourselves of His promises. Let us replace the negative seed of the enemy with the positive seed of God’s Word and His promises over our lives. And as we continue to think on and meditate on His promises – and as we make His thoughts concerning us our thoughts – then we become that good soil. Then the seed of His Word and of His promises will take deep root inside of us, will grow and develop, and ultimately will bring much fruit for His glory.