Enoch’s Bio

Enoch Lavender

Enoch Lavender was born in Australia, raised in Norway, spent time living in China and is now based in Melbourne, Australia.

He has been studying Hebrew and the Jewish roots of our faith for the past decade, and has a keen interest in the Middle East from a Bible prophecy perspective.

Enoch writes regular articles about current events as they relate to Bible Prophecy, and is a regular contributor to the Australian Newspaper Christians & Israel Today, as well as the international news web site Prophecy News Watch. 

Enoch has a B.A. in Intercultural Ministry from Harvest Bible College (2008) and is an assistant pastor at Living Way Christian Network in Blackburn, Melbourne.

A former youth leader, Enoch today serves as the Pastoral Leader of Shalom Israel. He is also a representative for Ebenezer Operation Exodus and serves on the board of Teach All Nations (the ministry of Dr. Kameel Majdali).

Enoch speaks as an itinerant minister on a specialised range of topics including End Times, Israel, the Jewish Feasts and Intercession. Some of the topics he has covered in the past include:

  • The Restoration of Israel and the Church – Both the Church and Israel are today being restored by God and are being prepared for their ultimate destinies
  • Passover at the Time of Jesus – Follow the last days of Jesus’ life on earth and delve into the rich symbolism contained in the Jewish Passover.
  • Series: Israel’s Fall Feasts –  Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit all occurred sequentially on the first 4 feasts that God divinely instituted in Leviticus. Each of the remaining 3 feasts prophetically foreshadow different aspects of the Lord’s Second Coming in great detail. The dramatic messages of this series serve as a vividly illustrated wake-up call to the Church and to Israel about the times we are in and the need to be ready to meet our King.
  • The Torah for Christians – Christianity has long viewed the Torah (five books of Moses) in a negative light, but in this teaching series we discover that the Torah was (and is) foundational to understanding much of the New Testamant.
  • Hanukkah and God’s Temple – History is often prophetic, and the story of Hanukkah from about 150BC foreshadows the ultimate and final conflict over the Temple Mount. At its core, this Spiritual battle is about who will receive the worship of all mankind – God or Satan?
  • Aliyah: The amazing Return of the Jews – Learn about the amazing fulfilments of Bible Prophecy that have occurred in the scattering and regathering of the Jewish people from the four corners of the earth. Enoch shares with video clips about the various stages in the return of the Jews including their return from the far east of Siberia, the jungles of Ethiopia, from dark torture cells in Syria and from the desert dunes of Yemen. What is next in this amazing regathering?

All topics Enoch shares are interwoven with practical applications to us as believers today.


Enoch Lavender is bright, articulate, and well-able to share about the Jewish Feasts and End-Times in a way that will help you unlock the Scriptures in a deeper way.

Dr. Kameel Majdali

Director Teach All Nations, Former Principal of a Leading Melbourne-based Bible College

Enoch is getting well known for his excellent speaking presentations on a great range of Bible topics. He communicates very effectively and in an impelling manner. He has a heart for missions and has the respect of the younger generation as well as his seniors. Enoch has a heart for worship and prayer.

Mrs. Pat Ramsay

Co-Founder, Shalom Israel and former President of Melbourne Women’s Aglow