The Book of Samuel records how Israel’s young prince Jonathan and his armorbearer attacked the Phillistine army by themselves. 1 Sam 14 records how Jonathan climbed up first on his hands and feet, saying to his armorbearer, “Follow me”.

In most other armies, the foot soldiers go first and bear the greatest risk. However, in Israel’s army – from the time of Jonathan up unto to this very day – the commanders will go first, saying to their troops: ‘follow me!’

This is why when Israeli troops rescued the Jewish hostages in Entebbe in 1976, the only casualty among the troops was their commander – Yonatan Netanyahu. Yonathan was the brother of Israel’s current Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. 

Likewise and in a much greater way, Jesus is our commander. He is known as the captain of the Lord’s Armies. This means that He goes first into battle, bearing the brunt of the enemy onslaught and indeed His life was laid down to bring freedom to the rest of us.

We follow Him in His brave footsteps – knowing that we too will face hardships and challenges, but knowing that our commander has gone before us, He knows what He is doing and ultimately victory is assured through Him.