In this message, Ps. Enoch shares about the the purpose of signs in the scripture and our personal lives, true and false end time signs and what God is communicating through the signs.

Sermon Notes:
I believe that God uses signs in the Bible in much the same way as these road signs – the signs can provide warnings or confirm that you are indeed on the right road.
Growing up as a Christian, I’d been taught that God doesn’t use signs anymore.
But as I have studied this topic, I have come to the conclusion that God uses signs throughout the Bible confirming to people what He was doing.
Before we get into End Time Signs, I need to lay a foundation about how God uses signs in the Scripture and in our lives today – and then we will look at the false and true end time signs.

Signs bring Confirmation
Signs leading to Salvation
Jn 20:30 The ministry of Jesus was confirmed with lots of signs. The signs are given that we might believe that He truly is God. In other words, signs are important – not just in the OT, but also in the NT. Signs are crucial to strengthening our faith.

Signs Bringing Encouragement
Mat. 11:4-5 – John the Baptist sent his trusted disciples to ask Jesus ‘are you the one or do we wait for another?’ Jesus’ answer was to encourage his faith by asking him to look at the signs. The lame are walking, the deaf are hearing etc.
In a time of doubt, God did not slam John over the head and condemn him.
God uses signs to strengthen our faith and confirm that despite contrary circumstances

Signs Bring Confirmation
Sometimes we just don’t know –was that God or was that me? But we can ask for confirmation – and He will give clarity.
One of many examples is Manoah and his wife.
Manoah asked God for confirmation – and God heard his prayer. We too can ask for confirmation, and can trust Him to confirm His word to us.

Signs for Action
God gave many signs to people in Scripture confirming His word – but these signs were not just for show – they were to encourage people to take steps of faith and follow God.
Num 14:11 The Israelites failed to heed the message of the signs and to take courage to face the impossible.

Gideon was truly a man of great faith.
Judg 6:17-18, 21-22 when Gideon saw the sign, he knew that he had seen the Lord.
Based on this sign, he stepped out and risked his life by destroying the altar of the false god Baal in his hometown. This is a pattern that we will see again and again in Gideon’s life – God spoke to him, showed him a sign, and he then acted boldly and in faith putting his life on the line – because he knew that God had spoken.
God is looking for a response of faith to the word and the signs that he gives.

Signs are Crucial in the End Times
I believe that as we head into the End Times – there will be more signs than ever- some false and some true and we will need to be aware of these signs and be able to read their message to us today.

There will be false signs
Mt. 24:4-5 – One of the key signs of the end times is that there will be false signs and wonders.
Book of Revelation mentions false signs 3 times when describing end times and three times in Matt 24 Jesus warns of being deceived in the End Times.
This is where it is crucial to have a grounding in God’s Word.

True Signs

Sign 1 – Restoration of Israel
There are many true signs of the End Times and one of the greatest is Israel.
Is 11:12 God describes making Israel’s return an ‘ensign’ to the nations. It is a sign.

Sign #2 – Gospel going to all nations
Mt. 24:14 – the Gospel shall be preached in all the world.
Mt 23:39 Jesus promised that He would not return until the Jewish people of Jerusalem say ‘baruch haba bshem adonai’ – blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.
Today – God is restoring Jewish people back to Jerusalem
+ He is restoring them to Himself.
As the gospel continues to go out to all the nations – and in particular to the muslim nations – the way is being prepared for the Messiah’s return!

Two of the great signs of the days we are in are the regathering of Israel and the gospel going out to all the nations.
What is the purpose of the signs?

I don’t believe that these signs are intended for ‘trivia’ – interesting facts that don’t really matter to life on earth.
God’s End Time signs have a purpose
#1 – salvation.
#2 encouragement
#3 confirmation
#4 Action.
Much of the traditional church is living as if Jesus is never coming back and as if heaven is some distant dream. But God is calling us to have a different spirit. To see the reward in front of us – to know He is coming soon and to live all out for Him. It is time to get rid of sin in our lives, it is time to ask God ‘what would you have me do with my life?’