Part 4 of 4 – Ps. Enoch examines the past, present and future conflict surrounding the Temple Mount.

This video dives into the story of Hanukkah and examines the parallells between this ancient defiling of the Temple and a possible future fulfilment. Ultimately, the Battle for the Temple Mount is not only about a site – but about the worship of mankind. This message ends with a challenge to a renewed heart of worship of the One True God.

Notes from Video:
The Challenge
The negative challenge – be prepared for suffering
This is not just for people in other countries – but persecution is coming to the West.
Are you ready to take your stand?
1 Pet. 4:1 – arm yourself with the same mind. We need to be prepared to face suffering – mocking, persecution, intimidation and bullying for standing for Biblical values. We need to be ‘armed’ – being prepared for what lies ahead equips us to face it.
Soldiers in battle all put on battle gear – and all know that there could be a price to pay. But they have ‘armed’ themselves with the mindset that they might suffer, and they are ready to face what comes. We need to be armed and prepared for what lies ahead.

The positive challenge – Engage in Worship
The ‘temples’ of our bodies have been dedicated to God – like the Temple of old. But will our temples remain pure and dedicated to Him and be a place of worship for Him?
Enemy tactic is to stop worship in our heart – because he knows that we were made to worship, and if we don’t worship God we will worship something else.
– Sudden attack – the enemy likes to launch surprise attacks at us – seeking to overwhelm us with some sudden bad news. Through the sudden bad turn of events, he hopes to make us lose focus on God and just focus on our own suffering.

Let us return to our first love
Rev. 2:2-4 Many of us have been believers for many years. Others might have given up and left the church, but we have continued to come and serve.
But have we left our first love of the Lord?

The restoration of the Tabernacle of David starts in our own hearts – with a rededication in our hearts to worship God.
God is calling us back to our first love – to worship and love Him. Worship is not a formality before the service begins – neither is it entertainment to keep the crowds happy. It is about serving and ministering to God – He is worthy of our worship and attention.
As we worship later – take the opportunity to worship Him afresh like a new-born believer.