In this message, Enoch shares about the importance of holiness in the End Times and how holiness prepares us for action and to serve God in dark and challenging times.

Notes from message:
Holiness is:
– Being pure – clean from sin
– Being set apart and dedicated
– Being different from the world and the ordinary

I would like to share with you a different definition of holiness based on studies of the word’s usage in Hebrew:
“Be exceedingly ready for action,
be at the very height of being absolutely ready for all that is good”

For example – the priests had maintain a state of holiness in order to be able to do what He had called them to do.
If they were not holy, then they could not do the work God had in mind.

One of the favourite tools of the enemy is condemnation to hinder us from being ready to be used by God.
1 John 3:21-22 – when we feel condemned, we do not have confidence towards God and we don’t receive from Him answers to prayer.
Thankfully God has made a way for us to deal with sin
1 John 1:9 – as we confess our sins, He is faithful and He cleanses us.
God wants us to be ready to be used by Him – to be cleansed and set apart so He can use us. Holiness is for a purpose – and it gives you confidence in prayer that God will hear and He will answer.
1 John 3:21-22 – we then have confidence that He will answer our prayers – we are then ready for every good work.

2 tim 2:20-21 pure vessels are:
– For honour
– Made holy / sanctified
– Useful to the master
– Prepared (fit and ready) for every good work

Summary: Holiness is not just for us to look pretty – it prepares us to do God’s will.

Counterfeit Holiness – Ready for the Enemy’s Work

Deut 23:17-18 The word qadosh in Hebrew means holiness – but a word that is spelt the same in Hebrew is ‘qadesh’ which means a male temple prostitute (homosexual)

This kind of person would be dedicated to evil and uncleanness– often from childhood.
It is spelt the same as the Hebrew word for holiness – but in this case they are set apart and ready for evil.

Summary: So there are two kinds of ‘holy’ in the Bible – those prepared and dedicated to serve God and those prepared and dedicated to serving the enemy.
Which Qadosh will our society choose? Which will you choose?

End Times and Holiness
I want to link in to the theme of holiness, a brief message about End Times

Are we in the End Times?
The church has been talking about Jesus’ return for 2000 years – where is He?
Many think that he could be still a very long way off – but I believe his coming could actually be very soon – much sooner than many realise.

A Generation for the enemy?

If we see holiness from the perspective of being ready to serve God – or to serve the enemy – we can see how both things are happening in our society right now.

There is an all out war over the next generation with satan out to pervert and destroy as quickly as possible.

Moral boundaries – we have a built in moral boundary to stealing money for example.
But the purpose of these kinds of programs is to remove moral boundaries.

God has created certain boundaries for his people – and these boundaries are for our good.

Vladimir Lenin – give me one generation of youth and I will change the world.

I can see the enemy at work to corrupt this generation and to get it away from God’s holiness, to be a generation prepared to do his will.

Is the Church Awake?
I believe the enemy knows he has a short time,
– but do we in the church?

mt 25:1-13 – they all slumbered. All were virgins – all were dedicated and set apart – and all were meant to be at the wedding. But only those who were ready entered in.

Holiness is our preparation – it makes us ready for the Lord when He comes. Holiness is tied to being full of the Holy Spirit – represented by oil in the story.

2 Pet 1:19 – bible prophecy is a light shining in a dark place. It shows us what is happening – and what is about to happen and prepares us for the Lord’s coming.

The disciples lived ready – they lived with an expectation that He would be coming soon.

I believe holiness is part of the end time call – there are two different kinds of holiness rising:
– The enemy’s wicked generation being prepared to serve him
– The people of God being prepared and ready to serve Him

Heb 12:16-17
Don’t be like Esau
Let us not exchange the awesome things God has for us with a temporary pleasure of the world. Let us be ready for him!

Rev 19:7 – God has promised the church will be ready! He is going to do His work in us – in holiness and preparation.

Let us be ready – watch the signs and live for him.
God is calling us to be holy.
“Be exceedingly ready for action,
be at the very height of being absolutely ready for all that is good”