In the text of the Bible, there is a word which appears eerily similar to the Hebrew word for holiness, yet carries a disturbingly different meaning.

Qadosh in Hebrew means holiness, yet Qadesh or Qadsha means ritual harlot / prostitute (Deut 23:17). The words are written so similar in Hebrew that one could very easily be mistaken for another.

Why is this word used to describe a prostitute or a ritual harlot?

Because the hebraic definition of holiness not only means to be sin-free, but also means to be fully dedicated and be extremely ready for use.
Similarly, a temple prostitute is dedicated to his/her work and is prepared and ready for this purpose.

We live in a time and age where there is an all-out assault on the next generation. Rev 12:12 speaks of the devil coming in great wrath, knowing that he has a short time. It seems that he is already in a hurry – with our society being in a haste to remove the boundaries that have kept morality for generations. Why? Because he wants to raise up a ‘qadesh’ generation – one that is dedicated to and ready for his purpose and will serve him in the End Times.

Yet God has promised that in these dark End Times, His glorious bride will also make herself ready. She will become pure and spotless, clothed in holiness and thus ready to do God’s will in trying circumstances.

So while the enemy is raising up a ‘qadesh’ generation, God is raising up a ‘qadosh’ generation.

The enemy is in a hurry to raise up a generation prepared to do his will – and now is the time for us as God’s people to fight back. We must invest in the our kids and youth and prepare them to be a ‘qadosh’ generation, holy and ready to do His will.