Back in January, Sara and I were talking about moving.
Sara had been praying about staying longer, and I felt that we were to stay for 6 more months – which brings us to July.
The way it turned out – with morning sickness we could not have moved any earlier. And with twins on the way (!) – we have to move out as our spiral staircase is a real pain (imagine juggling twins and a double pram up and down those stairs!).
You might think we had an easy journey to find a place – but think again!
We were looking for a place walking distance from my work – leaving us very few options.
We gave notice in late June as we applied for a really nice place – but a week and a half later we were knocked back.
Since then we have been inspecting place after place, looking for the right spot – being aware that the clock was ticking and we would soon have to be out of our place.
We applied for a place last Sunday and were left waiting to hear back. Meanwhile, prospective tenants were inspecting our existing place and if any of them applied and were granted our place – we would be forced to move – no matter what!
Time was ticking, but as we prayed I felt that we should pack. So we packed and packed (thanks Denise 🙂 ) – still with nowhere to go.
I had a strange sense of joy about packing like this – and while my mind was increasingly concerned – whenever I prayed I felt joy and peace.
We were basically acting as if our application had been approved – while we had no evidence of it happening. Ultimately, as I reflected on it – this is the definition of faith. Faith is acting – before we see the evidence – and it pleases God. The joy that I felt in packing was to me a sign of how God delights as we trust in Him and act in faith at His word.
On Thursday the real estate agent had some tough questions for us about our application – and there certainly was no guarantee we would be approved. But as I prayed on Friday morning, I felt in my heart ‘get ready’!
So we continued getting ready – and that day we got the approval (with only 1 and a half weeks to spare in our old place)! Praise the Lord!
He is truly faithful – and He delights in us acting in faith and stepping out to follow Him. How is he calling you to step out in faith today? Take that step of faith and know that it brings a smile on His face – for without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb 11:6)