The feast of Purim, remembering how God save the people of Israel from certain destruction.
On a personal level, Esther had a far from ideal start to her life being an orphan in a foreign land, yet as she looked to God He not only turned her personal situation around, but used her for powerfully the good of her nation.
Her story has a lot in common with another young man who had his fair share of suffering – Joseph.
  • Both were orphans in a foreign land
  • Both were raised with good biblical foundation
  • Both were beautiful to look at
  • Both overcame the challenges they faced and had the right attitude
  • Both had God’s favour on their lives opening doors
  • Both stood strong for God and maintained their faith in Him among people who did not believe
  • Both attained to 2nd in command positions
  • And both were used to save the Jewish people from annihaliation as well as to bless the Gentile nations where they rose to power.
While both Esther and Joseph had reason to feel that life had treated them unfairly, I believe they both learnt to see God’s hand in their circumstances and they both allowed God to turn their situation around for His glory and His purpose. And God will do the same for you and I today. Happy Purim!