In my devotion today, I noticed a portion of Ps 118:
V. 6 The Lord is with me, I will not fear, what can man do to me,
V. 7 The Lord is with me through my helpers, and I will face those who hate me (my translation from the Hebrew)

In times of trouble we rightfully should look to God for help, but sometimes we fail to realise how He helps.
Often His help comes in the form of the people – people whom He raises up around us. His hand of love is stretched out to us in the form of those who come alongside us to lighten our load, to encourage us when we feel down and pray for us when we are sick.

In the past month, I’ve been humbled by several people approaching us to assist in our ministry. Now I see them through a different light – now I understand that these volunteers are actually an expression of God’s love and care for us in the ministry.

On a personal level, I see God’s care expressed throughout my life through the people He has brought into my life along life’s journey. How grateful I am for those people and the many who have been a blessing in my life – where would I have been without them?

The Lord is truly with me through my helpers – and He is with you too through those He sends to support and strengthen you!