In this message, Ps. Enoch shares about the Greater Exodus to come and the prophetic significance of Israel’s new national holiday celebrating this return (or Aliyah) and how this foreshadows the fulfilment of the ancient prophecy of Jeremiah.

Notes from Message:
Israel has a new national holiday on the way – and I believe it has a prophetic significance to it.

2600 years ago, the prophet Jeremiah predicted that a day would come when the original Exodus from Egypt would be overshadowed by a far greater Exodus.
‘I will gather them from the land of the north and from all the lands’ (Jer 16:14-16).
The new annual celebration falls four days prior to Passover on the Jewish calendar.

Is the stage being set for a celebration of a greater Exodus that will literally overshadow the annual Passover celebrations?

Today, I would like to first compare the original exodus to the modern day exodus and see how we are tracking. The modern exodus has featured many miracles – has it exceeded the original exodus yet?

What are the Criteria for the Modern Exodus to Overshadow the Original?
The Original Exodus:
– Involved 3 million people delivered from Slavery
– A miraculous and divine rescue on ‘eagle’s wings’
– Sudden deliverance and a hasty exit
– Involved the defeat of a mighty Pharaoh who resisted God’s plans
– Brought great honour to God’s name
– Brought all the Jews out of Egypt

There are a lot of similarities between the modern exodus and the original exodus.

Modern Day Exodus – 3 Million People
The original exodus involved roughly 3 million people fleeing Egypt – and today roughly 3 million people have made aliyah to Israel since 1948

Yemen: A Miraculous and Divine Rescue on Eagle’s Wings
The Rescue of the Yemenite Jews was also on ‘Eagles Wings’.
Ex. 19:4 They were assured by their rabbis with the words: “I bore you on Eagles Wings”

Ethiopia: Sudden Deliverance and a Hasty Exit
Just as Pharoah finally released the Jews to leave overnight – so there was a dramatic and urgent rescue of the Jews of Ethiopia.
Just as the original exodus was sudden and dramatic – so the return from Ethiopia was likewise. It created headlines around the world – was even on the frontpage of the Herald Sun!

Russia: Involved the defeat of a mighty Pharaoh who resisted God’s plans
The modern day exodus has featured its own Pharaoh – the leadership of Communist Russia!
Is. 43:6 – The prophet Isaiah seems to have foreshadowed this as he spoke of the time when God would tell the land of the north – ‘let

The modern day Exodus has featured similar characteristics to the original exodus
– The Original Exodus brought all the Jews to Israel.
The promised future Exodus will do the same – Ez. 39:28
Today, about 40% of the World’s Jews live in Israel.
– The Original Exodus still overshadows the modern Exodus

The modern exodus has not yet exceeded the original exodus – so I believe that can only mean one thing- a greater Exodus is still to come.

What could set the stage for this greater exodus?

Russian Return?
Perhaps there will be a dramatic departure of Russia’s remaining Jews?
Let us watch and pray concerning Russia and a future greater Exodus from that country.

US Return?
The largest diaspora Jewish community in the world is in the US.
There are around 6 million Jews living in the US. In 2014, only 0.06% of them made aliyah to Israel.
Just like the original Exodus – God is going to leave none behind.
We don’t know what lies ahead – but we believe that the time is coming when the great exodus will come. A human torrent of Jews will return home to Israel – and many from America in a dramatic fashion. We in Ebenezer want to be ready for that day.

What about Australia?
Deut. 30:3-4 – He will bring them back from the outmost parts of the earth

Is. 11:11 – they shall return even from the islands of the sea- that includes us!

I believe that in the greater exodus to come, God will also be calling home the Jewish people of Australia.
The prophecy of Jeremiah will be fulfilled – and this new national holiday of Israel is pointing in that direction.
The rise of anti-Semitism and the global turmoil is pointing in that direction.
We don’t know the exact timing – but we as Christians need to be ready to stand alongside the Jewish people and support them in their time of need.