Sara and I have a very busy time ahead. We are moving house this week and on top of that changes have happened to our Shalom Israel seminar on this Saturday. I will be preparing two messages for the day (while also looking after lots of practical arrangements on the day).
Looking at this challenge yesterday, I felt really overwhelmed. But that morning,

in my quiet time, I had been reading about Joshua and Caleb. They had spied out the promised land, and discovered that there were indeed giants in the land as well as strong fortifications.
But they were of ‘a different spirit’ than their fellow spies. The other spies all said ‘ we are not able to enter the land’ – while Joshua and Caleb said ‘we are well able – if God is with us’.
When facing challenges, it is so easy to be like the ten spies – look at the problem, talk about the problem and focus on its overwhelming size.

Studying Joshua and Caleb, I realised that if I am to face these challenges and overcome, I need to be of a ‘different spirit’. Practically speaking, I need to watch what I say. So instead of saying “It is so hard” or “I am so busy”, I will start saying “I am able to do it, because I know God is with me”. As I do this simple step, it changes my outlook and gives me strength and confidence to face the tasks ahead while firmly relying on God.

What challenges are you facing today? Be of a different spirit – stare the challenges in the eye and say ‘I am well able because God is for me!’

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