Our Jubilee book has arrived! On the Day of Atonement!

The first edition of our Jubilee book has now arrived from the publishers  – on the Day of Atonement. Which is none other than the most sacred day on the Jewish calendar, and is THE day when the Jubilee is announced!

Grab your copy today at https://olivetreeministries.org.au/product/the-jubilee-discover-the-end-time-mystery/


Steps to Healing from Trauma for Christians

Reflecting on the trauma of the holocaust, Enoch and Sarah share a personal story of healing from traumatic memories.

Learn key steps to Christian mental health and healing from trauma and memories that overshadow our lives

Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast Report

jpb1 Olive Tree Ministries
Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast Report 5

Thanks to the help of our supporters, Sarah and Enoch Lavender were able to attend the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast on the Gold Coast, joining government and business leaders and representatives from the Jewish and Christian communities. Several key connections were made for the future. 

It was especially exciting to hear of what God has done in Fiji in recent years, and how a prayer 3 years ago has led to a change of Government as well as their embassy shifting to Jerusalem. 

My Covid Baby Hospital Miracle

This short video contains the very personal lessons I learnt about Covid during the challenging birth of our daughter.

Even when rulers and authorities appear to treat us unfairly, it is crucial that we as believers walk in honour and respect towards them at all times.

Walking in Divine Favour During Covid

This video contains the full story of my confrontational encounter at hospital and of how God turned it for my good.

In this teaching, I also look at the hebrew words ‘Elohim’ and ‘Messiah’ and examine how they were used to describe and label earthly rulers, and what this means for our attitudes towards governing authorities – especially during this season.

Knowing God as our Father

Being a parent has dramatically changed my life and given me a new perspective on the nature and love of God towards all of us as His children.

In this video, I take you through our personal journey and how it has revealed to me new aspects of God’s amazing love.