Bible Study: Kosher Food Laws and Christians

Did Jesus do away with dietary food laws of Kosher?
Join us as we study Torah Portion Shmini and examine the record of the early church and disciples concerning the food laws, John the Baptist’s controversial lifestyle (was it kosher?), the Rabbinic prophecy of pigs one day becoming kosher and also the difference between God’s holiness and our holiness.

Torah Portion Vayakhel: The God of the Second Chance

In this weeks Torah portion from Exodus 35:1-38:20, we look at Moses’ intercession for God’s people. Israel sinned again and again against God, but if we are to be honest, so have many of us as believers. At times we feel like we God will surely give up on us, yet this Torah portion demonstrates the depth of His mercy towards us who believe.

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Torah Portion Vayakhel – Nations, Repentance and God’s Mercy

What does the Torah teach us about interceding for nations?

In this message, we look at Torah Portion VaYakhel (ex 25:1-38:20) and examine how God deals with nations and individuals on the journey of repentance.

This recording was done in conjunction with a national day of prayer and fasting here in Australia