Judaism teaches that one should always leave in readiness for the Messiah’s coming. In fact, the famous sage Rambam listed this expectation as one of the 13 core tenants of the faith. According to Rambam, if you are not expecting the Messiah’s return  imminently you have denied the Torah and Moses (i.e. it is tantamount to denying the faith).

Expecting the Messiah’s return changes the way we live our lives. A story from the Talmud illustrates this well:

Rabbi Eliezer says: Repent one day before your death.
Rabbi Eliezer’s students asked him: But does a person know the day on which he will die?
He said to them: All the more so.. one should repent today lest he die tomorrow
(Shabbat 153a)

In light of Jesus’ soon coming, it is important for us all to take Rabbi Eliezer’s advice and live in repentance today. Now is the time to get right with God and live fully for Him.

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