The Passover Mysteries DVD set


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New Revelations from an Ancient Feast

The Jewish background of our faith reveals much from Jesus’ last days on earth that is otherwise hidden from our eyes.

Join Enoch Lavender as he shares the following insights:

Mysteries of the Last Supper – Learn about the various seating roles and their meaning including ‘the bodyguard’, ‘the guest of honour’ and ‘the lowest place’.

Five Reasons Passover is NOT a Sin Offering –  A closer look at the sacrificial system reveals new layers of meaning to Jesus’ sacrifice as the lamb of God on our behalf.

Passover in Jesus’ day – see how the events of Passover link up with Jesus’ final days with His disciples on earth

The Resurrection – While the gospel is often presented today with a focus on eternity and heaven, the central focus of the early believers was the Resurrection here on earth.

DVD 2 hours

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