DVD: The Prophetic Wars of Israel – Blood, Sweat, Tears & Miracles




Since its rebirth as a nation, Israel has faced many wars in which her very survival was at stake. In this special dvd we look at three of Israel’s most dramatic wars, retelling the stories of sacrifice, heroism, tears and miracles that have shaped the Middle East to this day.
1948 – Israel’s Miraculous Re-Birth
Facing 5 modern Arab armies, an arms blockade and no support from the US, the Jewish state faced what looked like certain annihilation. This video looks at the key events of the conflict and the sacrifice of those who helped turn the tide of this war.

1967 – The Dramatic 6 Day War
With Arab armies massing on its borders on all sides, Israel prepared itself for the worst. Israel’s leaders appeared hesitant and inept and the Arab leaders increasingly confident. Israel was forced to launch an all out do-or-die first strike – where timing would be everything.

1973 – The Yom Kippur War
In what was to prove a costly mistake, the Israeli establishment had became blasé about threat posed by the Arabs. Israel was literally caught napping as an invading army of 100’000 men crossed over from Egypt and as over 1000 tanks from Syria launched their surprise attack.

DVD length: 80 minutes


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