Iran has just been appointed to the UN Women’s rights committee that judges complaints of women’s rights violations….
This comes only a day after the regime sentenced women’s rights lawyer Nasrin Sotudeh to 38 years prison & 148 lashes.

While liberal media, ‘human rights’ organisations and left wing Christian groups should be up in arms about this – they are surprisingly quiet. Why? Because they believe in humanism.

What is humanism? It is basically the belief that all people are intrinsically good. As such, the UN – representing all nations coming together – must be extremely good. To point out the UN’s faults is therefore to undermine the central beliefs of humanism – and is why they all remain so quiet.

A biblical worldview is very different from humanism. From a biblical perspective, all mankind has sinned and has within themselves an evil fallen nature. As such, the UN – representing all people – is the epitome of mankind’s sin, evil and corruption.
What is the answer? It is for people and nations to turn back to the God of the universe – our maker. Only He can change our hearts and remove the corruption that is within each one of us. And it is only as our nations are submitted to him, that true righteousness and justice can prevail. We know that one day God Himself will come and rule in justice over this earth. We look forward to that day!