Have you ever argued with God? It doesn’t pay – cause He always wins!
Today I was just getting ready to head off to work, and was looking forward to riding my bike to the office.

It was good weather, I needed the exercise and it was my first chance this week to ride to work. But just as I went out the door I began to have this feeling that I should drive instead.
“But God” I said – and gave him my list of good reasons why I should ride the bike.
I headed down to the bike, but the nagging feeling was still there. I unlocked the bike and got ready to go – and the nagging feeling was still there and just kept growing!
“Ok Lord, I surrender”. I left the bike and got in the car instead.
“He must have a good reason”, I thought as I drove to work.

This afternoon we were supposed to get some important shopping delivered to our home – but due to a mix up the order was cancelled. We were upset about the mix up – and I realised I therefore have to head straight from work to do the last minute shopping before coming home……
Suddenly I understood why I had to take the car to work today. Before the problem with the cancelled order even came my way, God had the solution up His sleeve. He truly knows our problems even before they come, and works out the answer for us. As we follow His leading (and don’t argue), we will be able to enter in to the answers He has already provided for us.
In the calendar God ordained for the Jewish people, the feast of Passover is in the first month of the year. In other words, every year – at the very beginning of the year – is a reminder of what He did for us. Before the rest of the year happened with all its mistakes and problems – He provided the answer, He provided the sacrifice. Jesus is truly the lamb slain from the foundation of the world – in other words, He has already paid the price and provided the answer long before we even encountered the problem. Let us praise Him for what He has done for us!