This video dives into the story of Hanukkah and examines the parallells between this ancient defiling of the Temple and a possible future fulfilment. Ultimately, the Battle for the Temple Mount is not only about a site – but about the worship of mankind. This message ends with a challenge to a renewed heart of worship of the One True God.

Notes from the video:

In modern Judaism, there is no need for a Temple. They are waiting for the Messiah to come and rebuild it.
However, the Temple activists are taking one step at a time in seeking to rebuild the Temple.
One of the Temple Mount activists Yehuda Glick was shot 4 times in the chest at close range – but he survived. Coming out of the hospital, he gave thanks ‘unto Him who raises the dead’.
This incident has helped strengthen the move for allowing Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount – orthodox rabbis are starting to be more supportive.

Why doesn’t Israel just build the Temple?
Described as the fuse of the dynamite keg which makes up the Middle East Conflict – Jews getting anywhere near the temple is an extremely sensitive issue, in particular to radical muslims.

Concen of International Backlash – Organisation of Islamic Co-operation – founded in 1969 – has 56 member states and is the second largest intergovernment organisation in the world. Founded with the purpose of ‘protecting’ Al Aqsa mosque and liberating ‘Palestine’.

With only 40% of Jews supporting equal prayer rights on the Temple Mount – and even less support for rebuilding the Temple, it is looking very unlikely in the natural.
And how would they build the temple without starting World War 3?

End Time Signs Include Temple Rebuilding
Despite all this and the efforts of Israeli politicians to keep a tenuous ‘status quo’ – I believe the Temple is going to be rebuilt.
To understand the coming headlines, we do not look to the situation around us – but find out what the Bible says about the rebuilding of the Temple.

Many scriptures in the OT put together the restoration of the people of Israel to their land with the rebuilding of the Temple. One example is found in the book of Amos.

Amos is written before any of the Jews had ever been exiled from Israel, before the Davidic Kingdom and the Temple had been destroyed.
But Amos is looking down the prophetic tunnel of history and foreseeing what will be happening in the end of days.
Amos 9:11-14 – Signs of the times – ‘that day’ = ‘End Times’
V14 – God will restore His people to the land and they will rebuild the waste cities. He foreshadows their exodus, but also their return. Their return to the land is a sign of the Times.
V9 – The Ten Tribes will return – there is some debate about this, but the Bible is clear that the ten tribes will not actually be lost but a remnant will return.
Examples: Ethiopia = tribe of Dan (recognised by Chief Sephardic Rabbi in 1973 – 9th century source claims descent also from Naphtali, Gad and Asher), Indian Jews = Manasseh
V11 – the Tabernacle of David will be restored. Ultimately I believe this is pointing to:
– the rebuilding of the Temple
– the restoration of the Davidic Kingdom
The word ‘Tabernacle of David’ refers both to the Temple and to the Kingdom. We are looking for the day when the Lord will restore His kingship to Israel – but it comes as the Temple is rebuilt. He is ‘enthroned’ on our praises and it is only as the praise and worship of God is in order that He can truly be reigning as our King.
V12-13 – c.f acts 15:17 “So that the rest of mankind may seek the LORD,
Even all the Gentiles who are called by My name”
God’s purpose in restoring the Tabernacle of David is that all nations should worship him. These scriptures foreshadow a great harvest of God among the Gentiles – and we are seeing the first fruits!

Amos foresaw signs of what God will do in the End times including:
– Regathering of Israel
– Revival among the Gentiles
– Rebuilding of the Temple
– Culminating in the re-establishing of Davidic Dynasty