Preparing for Pentecost

The original Pentecost saw the Jews leave Egypt at Passover and travel to encounter God at Mt Sinai – but were they ready to receive God’s promise and His presence at the mountain? This video talks about the journey to the promise – and contrasts the original Pentecost with the one recorded in the book of Acts with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. May we learn to trust God along the journey to the promises He has made.

Amazing Bible Code Secrets in Hebrew Alphabet – Letter Vav

Discover the connections between the Messiah, the antiChrist and the letter Vav as hidden in the Hebrew alphabet and its usage in the Bible.

We explore:

– The Missing Hebrew letter in the Bible’s generations after the fall

– How this Hebrew letter is a symbolic connection between heaven and earth through one perfect man

– God’s holiness vs our holiness revealed in the letter Vav

– The only ‘broken’ letter in the Hebrew Bible

– The significance and deception of 666

Video: What is Heaven? The Hebrew Meaning of Heaven Points to the Messiah

Learn the meaning of the hebrew word ‘heaven’ and how it points us to the meaning and purpose of life. Jesus is our true source of life, and the hebrew word ‘shamayim’ points us to the water of life coming from the presence of God itself.
The Jubilee Gospel

The Jubilee Gospel

What is the meaning of the Jubilee and the Gospel?

The Jubilee is central to the message and ministry of the Messiah, sets the stage in great detail for His Second Coming and is all found in an obscure chapter of Leviticus….

In today’s episode we look at the central role of the Jubilee in the expectation of and ministry of Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah. We will look at the meaning of the word gospel in connection with the jubilee and examine with fresh eyes the healing ministry of our Messiah!

Passover IS NOT a sin offering?

While many Christians see Passover as relating to our sins being forgiven, Passover is irreconcilably different from the practice of the sin offering.

Join me in this video as we see how the Passover is actually a lot more closely related to the themes of love, acceptance and fellowship.

God’s Name Encoded in the Story of Esther

Some say God’s name is not found in the story of Esther – but in this recording we discuss 4 times His Name appears in acrostics in key moments in the story.

Source: The Companion Bible